customer specific development of

microdisplay systems
up to the highest resolutions and color depths with micro displays from  EPSON - SONY - Texas Instruments

Many products demand a custom LCD/LCOS/DLP controller to meet application specific display requirements, electrical specifications, or mechanical dimensions.  For over 15 years bbs has specialized in designing and producing custom display-controllers and can quickly help you to create the ideal display-kit for your product.  


HD-DLP micro display system for spatial light modulators

The DLP chip from TI is the only spatial light modulator which offers some amount of reliability with different wavelengths of UV light.

DLP controller development to your specifications by bbs.

The DMD (Digital Mirror Device) window has been optimized for three different transmission regions
Visible Light: 400nm-700nm
Ultra-Violet (UV) Light: 320nm-400nm
Near Infrared (NIR) Light: 1100nm-2000nm


 3-display HD-LCD system 

3-LCD-Microdisplay Custom Controller System

last change on January 12. 2023

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